Profile Bintang

Libra Characteristics:

Symbol: The Scales

Element: Air

Group: Intellectual

Polarity: Positive

Favorable Colors: Blue

Opposite Sign: Aries

Libra Personality:

"I balance" is the key phrase for this sign, and when it comes to keeping everything on an even keel, a Libran will lead the pack. Peace loving and judicial, this sign abhors being alone. Partnerships are very important for the Libran, especially those on a personal level. With their winning personalities and cooperative style, they aren't apt to be alone for long!

Libra Keyword:

Strengths: Social, fair-minded, cooperative, diplomatic, gracious.

Weaknesses: Indecisive, will carry a grudge, avoids confrontations, self-pity.

Charismatic marks: Attractive, graceful, medium build, no sharp features.

Likes: Harmony, sharing with others, gentleness, the outdoors.

Dislikes: Injustice, violence, conformity, and loudmouths.

Best environment: Any place that is beautiful where the company is harmonious. Very social and happiest doing things in the company of another.