Profile Bintang

Leo Characteristics:

Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire

Group: Intellectual

Polarity: Positive

Favorable Colors: Gold, Orange

Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Leo Personality:

When the mighty Lion enters center stage, everyone notices. This dramatic, creative, and outgoing sign has the keyword magnetism for good reason. Fiery and self-assured, a Leo's charm can be almost impossible to resist. Whether it's time spent with family and friends or efforts on the job scene, a Leo is going to bring a lot to the table.

Leo Keyword:

Strengths: Warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity.

Weaknesses: Arrogance, stubbornness, inflexibility, self-centeredness, laziness.

Charismatic marks: Regal manner, powerful, strong, muscular.

Likes: The theater, being admired, taking holidays, fun with friends, expensive things, bright colors.

Dislikes: Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being king or queen.

Best environment: In the sun! Also any place where Leo has a chance to be creative or shine in front of others.